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Integrated Design Delivery | A Proposed Relevant Model for Architecture

the premise of the firm briefly explained ...

Less is not more anymore...

In fact "less is more" is currently more or less irrelevant...

Design delivery, understood as construction documentation and construction process together, plays an increasingly significant role in architecture, opposite how things were traditionally done where design was driven by signature and expression of preconceived look. This change is owing to digiitzation. With digitization, buildings are increasingly "made" and not "shaped" especially as management softwares now can merge with design softwares.

Form doesn’t simply follow Function. Form now actively responds to what used to be subsequently considered parameters including scope, cost, engineering systems, construction technologies and even client changes of mind.

It makes sense then that qualifying hallmarks of other industrially inspired large manufactured products, such as automobiles, increasingly attach to architecture. These features contribute to present day architeture's heightened aspects of commodification/functionality and stylizaton/artfulness.

TectonX has the resources to adequately to purvey professional services by offering integrated digitial design, technical and delivery oversight of lowrise and midrise residential and commercial buildings, residential and commercial interiors and architecturally relavant capital improvements including bridges and streetscapes.

TectonX is an architecture and design firm inspired by the delivery process and not by validation of a sought after design signature. In this it is digitally integrated with other professionals including engineers, industry manufacturers, stakeholders, owners and builders.

This services based vertical process flow approach is still reasonably distinctive within the profession at large, which tends to vend design and building delivery separately via silos and separate stacks. TectonX' integrated lateral "across all verticals" stance allows skillful and knowledgeable control of the entire building delivery process through digitization and its robust possibilities.

Brooklyn NY
May 2021