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the premise of the method briefly explained ...

Design Products, Professional Experience, Digital Tools + Methods.

Work shown represents selected projects and methods of a professional arc which aim at merging design, fabrication and delivery into relevant directions. The major program focus here is mixed use commercial and multifamily. These are understood with respect to scalability, responsiveness and environmental, specifically (LEED).

The Relevant Urban Method centers on delivery and execution of Design Management, an holistic term blending design, project management and building delivery. Design Management links visual intention, technicals and project management through information flow and digitial parametrics.


Design Management is based upon 4 problem solving strategies. They reflect aspects of designing and building the high density city, namely scale, stacking, program adaptibility and urban meaning:

- Vertical Modular, involving righid small scale or large scale structure and enclosure, here presented as open steel frame stackable modular for residential, and midrise steel stagger truss, for mixed use commercial residential;

- Elevated Consrruction, involving both new and existing enclosures, here presented as new buildings spanning over existing, new enclosures built directly on top of existing, and existing buildings elevated above the ground plane in shoreline contexts, re FEMA;

- Adaptive Reuse, involving insertions of new programs into existing enclosures here presented through institutional, multifamily and commercial office adaptive reuuse, all with relevance to saving invested financial energy in the original and maintenance of historical context and social fabric (invested cultural energy);

- Parmetric Surfaces and Forms , delivered through AI and computational macros, towards delivery of responsive, socially relevant, scalable, and sustainable, buildings, landscapes, facades and media at scale, all contributing to new and relevant dimensions of contemporary architecture and engineering.


Design Management, per the 4 Method Strategies above, is delivered through Information Process Flow, Construction Expertise, and AI, as follows:

- Architecture + Information/Process Flow, involving linkage of Building Information Modeling to Project Management and Construction Management through process flow. The language here is parametrics via high speed digitization and cloud, incl. Revit (AutoDesk), Open Project (Bentley), Vault (Autodesk. This area is dialogic currently where Design Professionals and Software Engineers trade expertise and insights;

-Construction Expertise and Experience, involving knowledge of both conventional methods and new products. Probably the one single area needing most attention re the current state of "behind the curve" technical construction related expertise which many professionals have;

- Parametrics and Artificial Intelligence, involving best practices re Program Analytics, Alternatives Optionalities, Heat Mapping, etc. towards shaping and design of buildings and buildings enclosures through discovery of new and helpful patterns and opportunities, using new softwares incl. (TestFit), Structural (Etabs), Mechancial, Eletrical, Plumbing (Catia), Generative Design (Bentley).

The Strategies and Tools, above, generally sketch out a direction for what appears to be an emergent and effective means to understand and deliver contemporary urban construction based upon initial premises above. Togther they define a type of Relevant Urban Method whose initial steps and proposals are outlined in the designs and design approaches shown on the website.

Brooklyn NY
May 2022

Work Shown:
-Midrise Open Steel Frame Modular System, shown, Long Island City Midrise, 2021-2.;
-Midrise Stagger Truss Tower at the HighLine, Chelsea, New York, (with Thornton Tomasetti). 2012-14.;
-Performance Space, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL, 1995-97.;
-Loft Designs, ChinaTown, Chicago, South Side. With Philip R Cohen Architects. 1995-2000.;
-Golz Motors, Vertical Superimposed Building Expansion. Deerfield, IL. (with Thornton Tomasetti). 2008-2009;;
-Contemporary Townhome, Atrium with Pool, Texture Mapped Wall from Matisse. Bronx. Riverdale, 2013-4;